Do Dental Fillings Hurt – What Can I Expect?

One of the first questions we’re asked after telling a patient they have a cavity is “do dental fillings hurt?” Here at Chesterfield Dentistry, our caring dental team ensure that patients have a positive and comfortable experience.  So, what are dental fillings and when are they needed? Dental fillings are commonly used to repair teeth … Continued

Dental Implants Success Rate – 5 Key Factors To Know

Are you considering dental implants? If, so, then you’re probably aware that dental implants boast an extremely high success rate of 95%. You’ve probably also read on more than one occasion that dental implants can last a lifetime. That doesn’t really give any clue to their longevity since one person’s lifetime could be considerably longer … Continued

Deep Cleaning vs. a Regular Cleaning

You should be familiar with what happens at a routine dental visit at this point, but sometimes the teeth may need a little extra attention. Check out our blog post where we go over the basics of a regular cleaning and how it compares to a deep cleaning.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last And Why Do They Fail?

Dental implants have fast become the go-to treatment for replacing missing teeth. Not only do they create a natural-looking smile but they restore confidence and have almost the same degree of biting force as natural teeth. You’ve probably read that implants can last a lifetime but how long do they last in reality and why … Continued

How Safe Are Dental Implants – What You Need To Know

Over the past twenty years, dental implants have become the ‘go to’ procedure for the replacement of missing teeth and are seen by most dental professionals as the gold standard treatment because of their many advantages. However, if you happen to be one of the many millions of Americans who are considering undergoing teeth implants, … Continued