Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Dental Implants

Oct 21, 2022
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Dental implants are the best solution to missing teeth, but they are expensive, particularly if you need more than one. Read on to learn the reasons to avoid cheap dental implants, however tempting they may seem.

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for," which means cheap items are often not very good. That is certainly the case with dental implants. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Cheap dental implants may leave you with more money in your pocket, but they can cause infections and complications that are more expensive to fix later on.

The thought of getting a great deal now is very seductive, but it may cause you a lot of pain in the future – both physical and financial.

How is the cost of dental implants calculated?

There is no one price fits all. Each dental implant treatment is customized to the individual patient. The cost typically depends on several factors. They include:

  • The complexity of the procedure.
  • The number of implants required.
  • The patient's oral health (patients with oral health conditions such as infections may need prior treatments. Extra care may also have to be taken during implant placement which can add to the bill).
  • Whether any additional treatments are needed, such as sinus lifts or bone grafts.
  • Where the procedure is being performed, i.e., in a city center or rural environment. The cost of living is higher in some places than others.
  • The cost of the implants and dental crowns. This depends on the types of materials used. Options include titanium and zirconia.
  • The prices of your dental surgeon.
  • Whether you will need any follow-up consultations.

Dental implants may not be the cheapest tooth replacement option out there, but they are worth it. They last a lifetime and have a success rate of more than 90%. You cannot say the same about cheaper versions. 

Following are some of the top reasons why you should avoid cheap dental implants.

Implant breakages: Cheap dental implants are made of inferior materials prone to fractures and breakages. When this happens, you have two choices: either live with it, which would be uncomfortable, put your health at risk and be esthetically unappealing, or you can replace them. That means more expense. It's one of the reasons why cheap dental implants are a false economy. They can end up costing you more over the longer term.

Pain and infections:  When poor-quality implants break, they can cause chronic pain and illnesses, including peri-implantitis. This is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding dental implants, which can lead to bone loss around the implant site. Another risk is mucositis, which can result in painful, bleeding and swollen gums. 

Inferior quality implants can also harm surrounding teeth if not placed correctly. Correct placement is essential so the implants fit and heal properly. If this isn't the case, your implants may never fit, which can cause other teeth to become misaligned. This misalignment can lead to problems such as difficulty chewing food and difficulty speaking.

Integration failures: Once implants have been placed, an entirely natural process called osseointegration occurs. This is where bone cells grow and attach themselves to the implants forming a permanent bond. However, there are stories that this isn’t always the case with cheap implants, leading to implant failure in the first few weeks after placement.

Unknown brands: If you see cheap implants advertised, you can be sure the dentist is using unfamiliar brands that may be of poor quality. After all, there is a reason they're cheap. The trouble with unknown brands is if you develop problems further down the track, the company may not still be around. You will have no redress.

High-volume treatments: When a dentist offers cheap implants, they earn less money. So they have to make it up somehow. Usually, that means doing more surgeries in the time available. Now, what comes to mind when you think of low costs and high volume? Most likely, inferior quality and poor service. But don't you deserve something of high quality for yourself?

The operation should never be rushed. It takes a lot of skill, precision and patience to make a gum opening in which to place an implant. If surgery is performed quickly, mistakes are more likely. 

Poor-quality aftercare: One of the reasons dental implant procedures are so successful is the high quality of the aftercare. It stands to reason that dentists offering cheap implants are more likely to cut corners. Consequently, the quality of the aftercare will also be inferior or fairly non-existent. But what happens if an infection occurs at the implant site or there is some other problem? You need to know that you are going to be well looked after.

Final Thoughts

Risking your health, happiness, and appearance is just not worth any initial savings you may make with cheap implants. You'll get a bargain price for sure but at what cost? 

When it comes to having implants placed, you cannot afford to compromise your health, hygiene and personal appearance. Therefore, always avoid cheap dental implants. 

Take your time to find the right professional and weigh your options carefully. And never let the price stop you from getting dental implants that can transform your smile, boost your confidence and enhance your self-esteem.

At Chesterfield Dentistry, our patients only receive the highest quality care and premium dental implant materials. For more information, simply give us a call today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll be happy to discuss your options and provide a quote for your situation.