Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

senior couple hug and smile after learning about dental bridge benefits

With the many dental services that can restore your smile, you may be wondering what a dental bridge can do for you. Well, a dental bridge can fix functional and cosmetic problems you may be experiencing.

Have you been told you need a dental bridge? Continue reading to see what a dental bridge can do for your smile!

Dental Bridges for Teeth Replacement

A dental bridge can replace single or multiple teeth that are missing. This amount of replacement makes the bridge a popular option when patients are looking for multi restorations.

The dental bridge includes artificial teeth that attach to the natural teeth on either side to stay secure. At times, the natural teeth holding the dental bridge will have to get reshaped so the dental bridge can fit with comfort and ensure proper function.

Dental Bridges to Maintain Teeth Position

A dental bridge can replace missing teeth, and it can also assist in maintaining your current tooth positions as the dental bridge closes the space between the teeth.

It also adds support to the teeth on either side and can help the teeth from shifting. When teeth maintain their natural position, eating, chewing, and the ability to speak remain simple and enjoyable activities.

Dental Bridges to Retain Face Shape

While maintaining the alignment of teeth is important, so is retaining face shape. A dental bridge can restore one to four teeth. Missing as many as four can cause a lack of support to the upper or lower jaw, creating a risk of drooping cheeks. A dental bridge provides stability to help prevent this.

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Dental bridges are great for patients looking for simple and secure restorative options. If you’d like to transform your smile with a dental bridge, give our friendly team at Chesterfield Dentistry a call to learn more or schedule your consultation!

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