Deep Cleaning vs. a Regular Cleaning

young woman in the dentist's chair getting a teeth cleaning

You should be familiar with what happens at a routine dental visit at this point, but sometimes the teeth may need a little extra attention. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of a regular cleaning and how it compares to a deep cleaning.

Regular Teeth Cleaning Process

When you come to our office for your routine cleaning and exam, we hope that you lie back and relax! Here’s what happens while you’re zoning out in our chair. One of the main goals is to get at the plaque and tartar that builds up between visits. We use a scaling tool to reach the stuff that builds up between the teeth and around the gums. We’ll also polish the teeth, give you an expert floss, and examine the mouth for any developing issues and screen for oral cancers. You can expect to be in and out within an hour. This is a key component of everyone’s oral care routine. It serves an important preventative purpose and should never be skipped!

Deep Teeth Cleaning

A deep cleaning isn’t just a little extra time spent on the teeth, it’s actually a scaling and root planing procedure that may be needed if the patient has gum disease. A deep cleaning typically involves two visits, during which the goal is to remove the build-up of bacteria from tissue affected by gum disease. You’ll typically be given a local anesthetic during the procedure, as it is more involved than a typical cleaning and will likely cause some pain and discomfort during the process.

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