Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Taken Out?

man in the dentist's chair holds his jaw before wisdom tooth removal

The rule of thumb when it comes to extraction is usually that it’s always best to save the tooth. However, that’s just not the case when it comes to wisdom teeth. Plenty of people, usually young adults, have their wisdom teeth extracted, although not everyone needs the procedure. In this post, we’ll talk about wisdom teeth, and why you might need them out.

What Are Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth don’t make us stronger, they’re just named for the stage of life in which they typically develop. Wisdom teeth are third molars that develop last out of all our teeth, usually in the late teenage years or early adulthood. They were originally part of the human anatomy when we lived much more primitive lifestyles. We’re talking, hunting and gathering, chewing on raw meat, twigs, seeds, etc. Now, our diets don’t require these extra teeth anymore, and our bodies have evolved accordingly.

Why Do They Need to Go?

As we evolved away from needing wisdom teeth, they’ve actually become more of a problem for many of us than anything else. For some people, one or more of the wisdom teeth never actually develop or descend. If they’re entirely nonexistent, or if they don’t cause any issues, then they won’t need to be removed. However, many of us find our wisdom teeth beginning to erupt at some point or another. When this begins, it usually leads to one of a few different problems, including infection, crowding, and shifting of the teeth, so it’s often wise to remove them before they even begin to appear. If you do notice your wisdom teeth beginning to grow in be prepared to bring it up at your next dental visit!

Wisdom Teeth Removal & More in Chesterfield, MO

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