Wisdom Teeth Causing Havoc? What You Need To Know

wisdom teeth removal in chesterfieldWisdom teeth are the most puzzling of all teeth. Why? Because we never really know exactly when they might decide to grace us with their presence – if they decide to at all. What’s more, every patient has a different experience with their wisdom teeth – some have no issues while others will need to have wisdom teeth removal procedures. So let’s dive straight in and find out what exactly you can expect from these new back teeth and why sometimes a Chesterfield wisdom tooth extraction is necessary…

All about wisdom teeth

These teeth are technically known as your third set of molars and they’re generally the last set of teeth to come through. They typically begin to push through during the ages of 18-25 but sometimes it can be even later. You could have up to four wisdom teeth in total, positioned at the back of your mouth, two on the top and two on the bottom. Some wisdom teeth come through with no issues and are perfectly positioned, while others wreak havoc within the mouth.

When wisdom teeth start to cause trouble

It’s fair to say that wisdom teeth have earned their bad reputation. While they might cause slight discomfort when they first begin to push through, the most common problem is that they get stuck or become impacted. In other words, the wisdom teeth collide with the tooth in front or they only partially push through and leave the gums around the area irritated and swollen. Also, as these teeth are quite far back in the mouth, they can be a little trickier to keep clean. When they’re not thoroughly cleaned, bacteria and food particles easily collect around the area and begin to cause gum problems, like swelling, pain and even infection.

Do I need a wisdom tooth extraction?

The number one reason that we recommend wisdom teeth removal is to stop these molars from damaging other teeth. When they grow through sideways, it can throw off your bite, cause decay, create an area for food to get trapped, and even cause an infection.

We’ll probably advise a Chesterfield wisdom tooth extraction if they:

  • begin to damage other healthy teeth around them
  • don’t have enough room to fully come through
  • are interfering with your normal jaw function
  • are causing reoccurring infections or pain
  • are extremely difficult to clean

Will I need to have wisdom teeth removal even if I have no problems?

When they behave themselves, they can be an asset – so it’s not really necessary to have a wisdom tooth extraction if they’re properly positioned and aren’t causing any other dental issues like overcrowding or infection. That being said, some dentists might still recommend that you have them removed in order to avoid any future problems.

We know that wisdom teeth can be a pain (literally) but preparing for it doesn’t have to be! Hopefully, you’re one of the more fortunate and never have any wisdom tooth issues. But if you have any questions or concerns about your new third molars – such as whether you need wisdom tooth removal or not – book your next visit to our dental office on (314) 207-0357. Rest assured that if you do need a Chesterfield wisdom tooth extraction, you’re in safe hands with our experienced team.