When Should You Call On An Emergency Dentist

emergency dentist in chesterfieldSometimes no matter how well we care for our teeth, accidents happen. Having a dental emergency is never convenient but it can occur suddenly to any one of us. When you call our emergency dentist in Chesterfield, we’ll do everything we can to treat you right away. Never hesitate to call us if you’re in pain or need help urgently. The question is though, how do you know whether you should visit our Chesterfield emergency dentist? In other words, what constitutes an actual dental emergency? Let’s take a closer look…

Any problem in your mouth that requires urgent treatment, such as heavy bleeding or severe pain, would be considered a dental emergency. Chesterfield residents are advised to call us immediately because acting quick can often mean the difference between saving your tooth or not. Ignoring your dental problem isn’t the answer, in fact this can just end up causing more damage to the tooth and further expense.

You should visit our Chesterfield emergency dentist, if you experience any of the following:

  • A knocked out tooth – if this happens, you will likely be in pain and your mouth will be bleeding. First, find your tooth (rinse it gently if it’s dirty) and carefully try to re-insert it back into its socket. If that’s not possible, place it in a glass of milk. Be sure to visit our office or call us immediately. The quicker you’re treated, the greater the chance of saving your tooth is. Acting fast is vital.
  • A dislodged tooth – this means your tooth has been knocked from its usual position but has not actually come out of its socket and will be painful. Again, come and see our emergency dentist in Chesterfield straight away so we can try to reposition and repair the tooth properly, giving you the best chance of saving it.
  • Fractured or broken teeth – tooth enamel is very strong, however it can sometimes fracture if we bite down on something too hard or have an accident. If you have a broken tooth that’s causing sharp pain when you eat or drink, it’s best to visit us quickly. This way we can help stop the crack spreading into the root and it gives us a good shot at saving it.
  • Trauma to your mouth – if you’ve been in an accident, such as an unexpected blow to your , then you should consider it a dental emergency. Chesterfield patients should visit us straight away and even if there’s no obvious damage to your teeth, it’s best to get them checked anyway.
  • Severe dental bleeding – any injury to a tooth that causes substantial blood loss which doesn’t stop within a few minutes is definitely a dental emergency. On your way to our emergency dentist in Chesterfield, it’s advisable to bite down on a gauze pad to apply constant pressure to the area.

You can be assured that when seeing your Chesterfield emergency dentist, our first concern will be to get you out of pain and discomfort. Afterwards, we’ll discuss and arrange any further treatment that may be needed at your earliest convenience in order to get you dentally fit once again. If you’re suffering a dental emergency in Chesterfield, don’t delay, call us immediately on (314) 207 0364.