What Really Happens When You Ignore A Chipped Tooth?

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So you have a chipped tooth – but it’s only a small chip, it doesn’t hurt and you can still chew properly, so what’s the problem?

Well, while a chipped or cracked tooth might not seem like a big deal, it should never be ignored. Some chips may only be very minor while others may need treating quickly by your emergency dentist in Chesterfield, but either way it’s important to get it checked.

Despite the fact that the enamel which protects our teeth is the hardest and most mineralized substance in your body it can also be brittle. This explains why teeth can wear and become chipped. Remember, your teeth might be super strong but they’re not completely invincible.

So why can’t I ignore a chipped or cracked tooth?

Fixing your chipped tooth isn’t just about restoring the appearance of your smile, your dental health could be at stake too. Think about it this way – the outer layer of tooth is there to serve a purpose: to protect the tooth. So when you lose a valuable piece of that protective structure, the tooth becomes susceptible to further damage. This being the case, the deeper the chip is, the greater the risk of infection because bacteria now has an opening to the inner part of your tooth where the nerves and blood vessels live.

But even if it’s only a small chip, it’s worth bearing in mind that this can lay the groundwork for further cracks and chips in the future if not repaired.

How is a chipped tooth repaired?

When you visit our emergency dentist in Chesterfield we’ll first need to determine whether or not the nerve of the tooth has been damaged because the best course of treatment revolves around its condition. If a chipped or cracked tooth is painful, sensitive, or discolored then it usually means that the pulp has been breached and the nerves are now vulnerable.

Possible treatments include:

Fillings – where there is only minimal damage we can simply repair it with a small dental filling so the chip will be fixed immediately using a tooth colored material.

Dental crowns – When chips are more severe, a crown will be advised in order to cover the cracked tooth and help to protect the nerve inside.

Root Canal Therapy – If the tooth is more severely damaged we may need to clean the infected tissue and remove the injured nerve. A crown is then usually placed on top for further added protection.

So on behalf of your smile, the team here at Chesterfield would like to remind you that it’s never a good idea to ignore a chipped or cracked tooth. If you’re worried about the expense of visiting an emergency dentist, Chesterfield dentistry are currently offering a promotion for $1 emergency exams! So if you’ve recently noticed a chipped tooth, why wait? Call us to book your exam today on (314) 469 6429.