Titanium Dental Implants – The Next Best Thing To Natural Teeth

titanium dental implantsIf gaps in your smile left by missing teeth are causing you embarrassment and preventing you from eating your favorite foods, now might be the time to consider restoring your smile to its previous glory with titanium dental implants.

Unlike other missing teeth replacement solutions such as bridges and dentures, titanium dental implants are a permanent replacement option that doesn’t require taking out of your mouth at night or regular adjustments. As well as looking and functioning like natural teeth, they come with a host of healthy benefits.

At Chesterfield Dentistry, we offer high-quality titanium dental implants. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Melba Akinwande will support you every step of the way and is happy to answer your questions and ensure your recovery is comfortable.

What is a titanium dental implant?

In essence, it’s a tiny screw-like post that supports a dental crown or bridge. It’s surgically placed into the jawbone and mimics a natural tooth root to stimulate bone growth and preserve the integrity of the jawbone.

Because it’s in the jawbone, it’s more stable and longer-lasting than other tooth replacement options that rest on the gums and need replacing every 5 to 7 years, like conventional dentures and bridges.

Titanium is an excellent choice of material because it is bio-compatible which means that it is unlikely to be rejected by the body. It’s also a minimally corrosive material and these two factors combine to give an implant the potential to last for a lifetime. While the titanium implant post can last indefinitely, the dental crown is likely to need replacing within 10-15 years.

What’s the process for titanium dental implants?

The dental implant procedure can be divided into 4 main parts: the initial consultation, the dental implant surgery, abutment surgery, and the design and fitting of the permanent restoration.

Initial appointment

An initial appointment is necessary to determine that you are a suitable candidate for dental implants.

To be considered a suitable candidate patients should have:

  • a healthy mouth with no gum disease
  • be in good medical health
  • a willingness to commit to good oral hygiene

Furthermore, if you smoke, you will be asked to stop for the whole of the procedure which can take up to 9 months or more.

A series of x-rays and scans will also be taken to determine the condition and abundance of bone in your jaw. Like natural teeth, dental implants require dense healthy bone to support them.

If your bone is lacking, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dental implant. Instead, our dentist may recommend a bone graft to augment the bone, or, in the case of an implant in the upper jaw, you may require a sinus lift to accommodate the implant. Either way, this will add time and money to your implant treatment.

Dental implant surgery

Because almost all of the planning for implant surgery is performed in the months and weeks leading up to your surgery, the process is little more than minor surgery and most patients are surprised at how quick and comfortable the procedure is. It’s carried out chair-side under a local anesthetic and sometimes with sedation for nervous patients.

Any swelling or bruising should subside within a few days and then it’s simply a matter of waiting several weeks for the bone to fuse with the titanium dental implants in a process known as osseointegration. It’s critical for the success of an implant that this natural process happens successfully before moving onto the next stage.

Abutment surgery

Once the dentist is satisfied that osseointegration has occurred successfully an appointment will be scheduled to place the abutment although in some cases this can be done at the same time that the implants are placed.

This is a short surgery that involves opening the gums to expose the implant and placing a small attachment (abutment) that connects the titanium implant to the prosthetic tooth. It also helps absorb the force when biting into food. The gums are then closed again and a few weeks are needed for this small surgery to heal.

Designing and fitting your new tooth or teeth

The last step is for our dentist to design and fit your dental crown. An impression is taken of your mouth and teeth and a beautifully crafted dental crown will be made that matches the shade of your surrounding teeth so that it blends seamlessly into your smile.

Why choose titanium dental implants?

Dental implants have become the ‘go-to’ method of teeth replacement and provide many benefits.

  • Implants have the potential to last for 2 or more decades
  • Maintaining implants is the same as for natural teeth with daily brushing and flossing combined with regular dental check-ups
  • Bone loss is prevented with dental implants helping to retain facial structures
  • Implants also provide nearly all the biting force of a natural tooth which means there are no food restrictions
  • Improved speech and confidence
  • Provide support for adjacent teeth
  • Lowers the risk of other missing teeth

Don’t put up with missing teeth

If you have missing teeth or are about to have teeth extracted then why not consider replacing them with titanium dental implants. Whether you are looking to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, we can provide a dental implant solution to give you back a healthy, fully functioning attractive smile.

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