The Importance of Senior Dental Health Care and How We Can Help

Chesterfield senior dental careWhile dental care is important no matter how old we are, the truth is that as we age, our mouth – like most other areas of our bodies – requires a little more TLC in order to stay in top shape. That being said, many seniors find it increasingly difficult to look after their teeth properly due to uninvited health problems that come with the territory of advancing age. But with help from our team, our over 60’s dental treatment in Chesterfield means that losing your teeth doesn’t have to be an eventuality of aging at all!

We strongly believe that you’re never too old to have the best dental care and our Chesterfield, senior dental care is arguably the best around. In fact it’s the reason why we’re currently running a promotion for 20% off all dental treatments for our senior patients!

So why target seniors?

Unfortunately, seniors have a greater risk of developing certain oral health issues than our younger patients do. So let’s take a closer look at a few of the main problems surrounding age and dental care and see how they can be overcome.

Gum disease

Although gum disease is directly a result of plaque and food that’s left to linger on our teeth, it can also rear its (ugly) head as a side effect of cancer, diabetes or anemia – all of which are more common health conditions among our older ones.

If gum disease is left to fester, it can advance into full-blow periodontitis and lead to eventual tooth loss. What’s more, did you know that gum disease is linked to a lot of serious health problems, such as heart disease and even dementia? A visit for over 60’s dental treatment in Chesterfield every 6 months will help to prevent any gum problems from occurring

Fact – Saliva is needed by the teeth and gums to maintain a good biological balance. When a natural imbalance is present it can lead to tooth and root decay and ultimately tooth loss.

On many occasions a lack of saliva is a side effect of a variety of medications that seniors take on a daily basis, especially for age-related conditions such as arthritis. Moreover, a decrease in saliva production can also be brought on by other treatments such as radiation for cancer treatment. For these reasons it’s imperative that seniors visit the dentist regularly, so that any problems can be picked up early and dealt with.

Tooth and root decay

That’s right, cavities aren’t just for kids! In fact tooth decay is one of the most common oral diseases among those aged 65 and older. Here’s a number of reasons why senior patients are at greater risk:

  • As we age, our gums often gradually recede which exposes the roots of our teeth to plaque and bacteria as well and leads to a greater chance of root decay.

  • Many seniors experience a dry mouth and because saliva helps protects our teeth from cavities, an imbalance bumps up the risk for tooth decay.

  • Those with limited mobility can struggle to brush their teeth as thoroughly and unfortunately this gives decay a much easier chance to settle in.

So why not let our dedicated team help your mouth to age gracefully with our over 60’s dental treatment in Chesterfield? Visiting us for a dental check and cleaning on a regular basis will certainly help to catch any problems while they’re still easily reversible. And don’t forget our promotion – at Chesterfield, senior dental care treatments have 20% off! Call us today to arrange an appointment with Dr Akinwande on (314) 469 6429 today!