The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry – Confidence, Attractiveness, Success…Oh And A Great Looking Smile!

cosmetic dentistry benefitsMore and more patients are discovering cosmetic dentistry for teeth. In fact, research shows that people spent over11 billion dollars last year alone on touching up their smile in the US. That’s enough to fund the entire country’s 4th July celebrations twice over; or (if you were otherwise inclined) to buy 25 of the world’s most expensive homes and still have enough money for a pizza to celebrate!

But while more and more people are choosing to put the ‘style‘ back into their smile there are other cosmetic dentistry benefits that are often overlooked, namely the psychological ones.

Attractive smiles ooze confidence

Believe it or not when someone visits a cosmetic dentist in Chesterfield and undergoes say teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, then sure, these procedures can transform teeth, but they can also boost confidence too.

Research shows that when you smile more (and you will because you want to show it off) ‘feel good‘ endorphins are released into the body giving you a confidence boost when you need it most. Often, this new found confidence extends into many aspects of life. So now, when you’re at work or are socializing, don’t be surprised if you garner more attention because quite simply…confidence is like a magnet!

But that’s not all…

Having brighter whiter teeth, or perfect pearly whites gives the impression of someone who is healthy, happy, and successful and as a result it changes the way that people perceive you. Ultimately the way people behave around you and towards you will change, and you may even collect some admirers along the way – In a survey carried out by for example, 9 out of 10 people were more attracted to someone who sported a great looking smile.

From a professional standpoint too, confidence can get you a long way and having a great looking smile can exude the perceived confidence you just might need to land that dream job.

So it’s true… while cosmetic dentistry for teeth can turn an ugly duckling of a smile into a bright white, gleaming swan, it can also help you gain more friends, land the perfect dream job and pep up your love life….well…almost!

If you’d like to find out more about cosmetic dentistry benefits then come and talk to our cosmetic dentist at Chesterfield Dentistry. Dr Akinwande and the team have successfully been restoring people’s smiles using a variety of cosmetic dental treatments, so if you feel like you don’t have too much to smile about, then you know where to come! To make an appointment call us on (314) 492 0435 today.