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What does root canal therapy involve?

Root canals involve creating a small hole in the top of the patient’s tooth so our team can access the inside of the tooth. Then, the infected tooth pulp is cleared out, and the tooth is cleaned and sealed. A tooth that undergoes a root canal almost always needs a dental restoration like a dental crown placed over it to protect and strengthen it and to help prevent future infections from occurring. We’ll place a temporary crown after your root canal treatment and schedule a follow-up appointment to place the permanent crown.

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How do I know if I have an infected root canal?

The only way to know for sure what treatment you need is by scheduling an appointment with an experienced dentist to have your specific situation assessed. However, there are some symptoms that can indicate that an infection is present inside the tooth, including:

  • Severe Tooth Pain
  • Sudden Sensitivity to Hot or Cold
  • Swollen or Tender Gums
  • Change in Tooth or Gum Color

Are root canals painful?

Root canals have a reputation for being very painful dental services. The truth is, root canals used to be very painful, but thanks to modern medicine and technology, that is no longer the case. Each treatment begins with a local anesthetic being administered into the gums near the tooth that is receiving the root canal treatment, which makes the rest of the appointment completely painless. We recommend having ice packs and pain medication on hand for after your appointment in case you experience any discomfort or pain a few hours later.

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