Healthy Teeth Healthy Body – How Gum Disease Can Bring About Other Problems

deep cleaning in chesterfieldYou’ve likely heard the saying “the mouth is a window into the body”. Well it’s true! The mouth can certainly give an insight into your overall well-being. Your dentist in Chesterfield can spot early signs of infections, illnesses, and nutritional deficiencies. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry states that 90% of systemic disease can be seen orally and some health issues can even be caused by neglecting your teeth. In short, the consequences of bad oral health don’t just stop at the mouth – and that’s why it’s important to regularly visit us for a dental check-up in Chesterfield. But let’s take a look at exactly how a healthy mouth means a healthy body. The link between poor oral health and overall health Although it’s not nice to think about, your mouth is actually teeming with bacteria. Thankfully most of them are harmless and a combination of the body’s natural defense system, a good oral hygiene routine, and visits to your dentist in Chesterfield, can keep these bacteria at bay. However if your oral care is lacking, bacteria can reach harmful levels that may lead to issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. As a result your mouth can soon become a port of entry for infection. The bacteria then have a free way to the bloodstream – which in turn leads to inflammation in other areas of your body, like the heart. With this in mind problems that may be caused or worsened by poor oral health include:
  • Endocarditis. This is when the inner lining of the heart becomes infected and usually happens when bacteria or germs spread through the bloodstream from other areas of your body (like your mouth).
  • Heart disease. Research suggests that clogged arteries, heart disease, and strokes might all be linked to infections and inflammation that oral bacteria can cause.
  • Diabetes. Gum disease seems to be more common and severe among people with diabetes. Research also shows that people with gum disease struggle harder to control their blood sugar levels. Here’s another reason why gum disease prevention at Chesterfield is so important – regular cleaning can actually help to improve diabetes control!
  • Pregnancy and birth issues. Pregnant ladies with gum disease may be 3 times more likely to deliver a premature baby – as it’s thought that gum disease raises chemical levels that bring on labor. So if you’re expecting, don’t put off your dental check-up at Chesterfield!
  • Respiratory disease. It’s thought that infections are caused by breathing in tiny droplets from the throat and mouth into the lungs – which can cause infections like pneumonia or make existing conditions worse. As people with gum disease have much more bacteria in their mouth, they’re thought to be more likely to get chest infections.
Remember, good health starts with your mouth! So always keep in mind that your mouth is not a separate entity from the rest of your body. The condition of your oral health is actually a key component in your overall well-being. That being the case, make it your resolve to have a great oral hygiene routine and regular visits for a dental check-up at Chesterfield. We’re here to help you look after your teeth and keep you healthy in the long-run – and remember gum disease prevention at Chesterfield is easy with a little help from our dental hygienist! Call us today to book your next clean on (314) 207 0548.