Best Foods to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

After you’ve had dental implant surgery, your mouth and teeth will be sore and you won’t be able to eat solid foods. For the first two days you should only consume liquids and very soft foods like soup and applesauce. In the days that follow, you can begin to eat semi-liquid foods. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best foods to eat after dental implant surgery.


Yogurt is a great food to eat after dental implant surgery. High in calcium and protein, yogurt will help strengthen your enamel, which is your teeth’s first defense. Even the act of chewing cheese is good for your teeth because it can actually increase your salivary flow. Saliva is vital for healthy teeth because it remineralizes your teeth’s enamel while rinsing out your mouth to flush out any leftover food. Yogurt is also full of probiotics, food bacteria that replace the bad bacteria in your mouth and reduce your risk of tooth decay. Just be sure to buy the kind of yogurts that are low in sugar.

three jars of fruit smoothies surrounded by kiwi, berries, grapefruit and cherry tomatoes

Fruit Smoothies

Since you can’t exactly chomp on an apple after dental implant surgery, try fruit smoothies! Fruits are high in minerals and vitamins that you need to strengthen your enamel, but they can sometimes be hard. By blending them up, you get all the health benefits in liquid form! You can even add milk or yogurt to give the smoothie a creamier texture and leafy greens like kale or spinach to get even more nutrients.

Sweet Potatoes

Nutritious and able to be mashed into a smooth consistency, sweet potatoes are a great option for you after dental implant surgery. Sweet potatoes are incredibly high in vitamin A and contain high amounts of potassium and fiber. They also taste delicious steamed and mashed!


Oatmeal is a great way to start your day post-dental implant surgery. Beyond being the perfect consistency for people recovering from dental surgery, oatmeal is also a gluten-free whole grain that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber necessary for your dental and overall health. You can even add soft fruits like banana and spices like cinnamon. 


If you are only eating semi-liquid foods, it can be hard to get enough protein in your diet. That’s where eggs come in. Eggs are always soft so you can make anything from scrambled eggs to poached eggs to omelets. They’re also a great way to get calcium and vitamins if you add soft cheese and soft vegetables such as zucchini to your eggs.

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