Emergency Dentist In Chesterfield – To Call Or Not To Call… That Is The Question!

emergency dentist ChesterfieldAlthough it’s pretty clear to most people the point at which they need to take themselves off to the local emergency department, things get a little murky when we think we need an emergency dentist in Chesterfield. Let’s face it, accidents happen and what’s more, they can happen to anyone. In fact however careful you are, you never know when you’ll next need the services of an urgent care dentist. However before you contact your local emergency dentist late on a Sunday evening because you’ve just chipped a tooth on a rogue popcorn kernel, you might want to think again… Does it really constitute a late evening call? The answer is probably not! Instead a call first thing in the morning during office hours is the right thing to do. The dentist will assess the situation and work out the best course of action. On the flip side of that, people can be afraid to call out the services of an emergency dentist because they don’t want to be seen as ‘overreacting’, they don’t want to cause a fuss, or be an inconvenience. So with all this confusion, when is it okay to visit a Chesterfield emergency dentist? To call or not to call…that is the question… What we generally say to people is that if you feel deep down that you need to speak to an urgent care dentist, then in most cases it usually is an emergency. However to give you a better idea, here are some pointers… You may need to contact an emergency dentist if you ….
  • Are persistently bleeding from the mouth. e.g. After biting down on a piece of gauze, the bleeding doesn’t cease.

  • Are in great dental pain – This is pain that can’t be brought under control with over-the-counter pain killers and can make it difficult to eat.

  • Have a badly cracked tooth – One that’s obvious and is causing great sensitivity and/or makes it difficult to eat.

  • Have had a tooth or teeth knocked out, either by force or through an accident.

  • Have experienced physical facial damage around the jaw and mouth area.

In these circumstances, it’s absolutely right to contact an emergency dentist, whatever the time of day or night. Your Chesterfield dentist should then assess the situation by speaking to you over the phone. They’ll make a decision whether to treat you down at the office immediately, or make an appointment for you to see them first thing during normal office hours. Here at Chesterfield Dentistry, as your local emergency dentist we’re committed to providing immediate treatment to patients who have experienced any sudden injuries or complications that arise at any time of the day or night. We also try to maintain gaps in our appointment diary so if we need to, we can see you right away. Remember your emergency dentist in Chesterfield is here when you need us most, so patients can rest assured that they can call with confidence.