Do Kids Really Need Dental Sealants?

dental sealants for kidsCavities are a great risk for most children. But what if we told you that there’s a quick, relatively cheap, and easy solution to drastically prevent decay with the use of dental sealants in Chesterfield? In fact the Federal Health Officials tell us they can prevent up to 80% of cavities in children. Despite this being the case, the statistics tell us that more than half of kids don’t undergo dental sealant treatment. That leave us with the question, do they really need them?

First, what is a dental sealant?

Used predominately on children dental sealants for kids are a white or clear colored, plastic-based material that is painted onto the fissures and pits of a tooth’s surface. Upon application it hardens quickly and acts as a barrier, sealing it off from bacteria and food which may otherwise lead to decay. Dental sealants are mainly placed in permanent molars at the back of the mouth as this is the area that’s hard to reach with a toothbrush and can often be missed during cleaning.

What are the benefits of dental sealants?

There are many good reasons to consider dental sealants for your children. Oral health experts at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Health Officials, and ADA all share in supporting dental sealant treatment and recognize that they need to be used more, particularly among children who have a high decay risk. Here are some benefits that might help you decide.

Placing dental sealants mean:

  • Less money – dental sealants are far cheaper than the cost of a filling and are often covered by dental insurance. With the typical American adult having at least three cavities in their life, getting treatment can be costly. But having dental sealants almost always costs less than extensive dental treatment later on.
  • Less discomfort – dental sealants help to reduce your child’s risk of decay greatly, so there’s much less worry they’ll ever have severe toothache or worse still, be awake all night in agony with an abscess.
  • Healthier mouths – leaving tooth decay untreated can rapidly lead to other oral health issues. Even after having a cavity filled the overall strength of the tooth is forever compromised. Prevention is always the key.
  • A simple solution – what’s great about dental sealants at Chesterfield Dentistry is that they’re applied quickly, they cause no discomfort during or after treatment, and they’ll last for many years.

What age should a dental sealant for kids be placed?

Both adults and children can benefit from having dental sealants at Chesterfield but the earlier they’re placed the better. That being the case, as soon as your children’s permanent molars erupt (typically between the ages of 5-7) it’s best to visit us for treatment because this is when your children’s teeth are at the highest risk of developing decay.

To help prevent a decay dilemma in your family, consider dental sealant treatment for kids. If you have any further questions about whether your child needs a dental sealant or to find out what’s involved in placing dental sealants, Chesterfield dentist Dr Akinwande would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Call us to today to make your appointment on (314) 207 0364