Dental Crowns – How Long Do They Last?

teeth crownChesterfield dental crowns are artfully crafted to blend seamlessly with existing natural teeth – so much so that our patients sometimes forget they’re even there! They’re an ultra-effective tooth restoration used by your Chesterfield dentist for teeth that have been damaged by decay, after root canal treatment or even to dramatically change the appearance of your smile. Now that’s all well and good but just how long can you expect crowns fitted by your dentist in Chesterfield to last? Let’s find out… What’s the average lifespan of a crown? The bad news is that nothing lasts forever – but the good news is that dental crowns are considered to be a long-term treatment. In fact, the average dental crown will last between 10-15 years but we’ve seen some crowns last 25-30 years. One study in 2013 followed the success rate of over 2,000 dental crowns and discovered that 97% lasted over a decade and an impressive 85% were still sound even 25 years later! So in essence, a dental crown can last for decades as long as:
  • it was the right solution to your dental problem
  • it’s made well, using high-quality materials
  • it’s properly fitted by an experienced dentist
  • it’s well looked after at home with good oral hygiene
Is there any way to extend the lifespan of my Chesterfield dental crowns? Yes! Although dental crowns are easy to care for, they still need to be protected from decay or damage – just the same as your other teeth do. So to keep your dental crowns in tip-top shape, as your dentist in Chesterfield we recommend that you always:
  • Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth. This constant trauma to the teeth can cause your crown to crack or chip. If you’ve got a tendency to grind and clench, we’d definitely recommend that you wear a night guard while you sleep to protect your crowns as well as your natural teeth.
  • Have a great oral hygiene routine! Make sure you brush twice a day for two minutes and floss once a day too. The secret is to pay special attention to the gum line around your crown, to remove any plaque and prevent decay underneath.
  • Watch out for any bad habits that will damage your crowns – we’re talking about things like chewing on hard candy, biting your fingernails, or using your teeth to open bottles! These habits can easily affect the longevity of your crown and leave you shelling out for another much sooner.
  • Make sure you stick to regular dental check-ups and cleans with your Chesterfield dentist. It’s only during these visits that we can have a good look around to check for any signs of trauma, decay, or gum disease – catching any issues before they arise can save you a fair few dollars.
Remember, just because your Chesterfield dental crown is old, it doesn’t always mean it needs replacing – a well-cared for crown is an investment that can last decades. If you’re wondering whether crowns could be the answer to your dental issue or if you’ve got any further questions, then schedule a consultation with our Chesterfield dentist Dr. Akinwande. Call us now on (314) 207 0548.