Corporate vs Family-Owned Dental Offices

Are you looking for a new dentist but can’t decide between a corporate or family-owned dental office? We’ll help you determine which is better for you here by discussing the pros and cons of a family-owned dental office and a corporate dental office.

Corporate Dental Offices

There are pros and cons to corporate dental offices. The pros are that they have several different locations to which you can visit and therefore often have a larger staff. They also often have more specialists on staff such as oral surgery and orthodontic dental professionals. Corporate dental offices may also accept a larger number of insurance providers and sometimes offer special promotions. However, a big con of the corporate dental offices is that it is very impersonal. You often get your procedure done and then they quickly move on to the next person. There is usually very little time to interact with your dentist, with a quick hello and cursory check of your teeth and mouth at the end of the appointment. Some even use a call center or answering services to set appointments for patients.

chesterfield dentistry office with two happy patients

Family-Owned Dental Offices

At Chesterfield Dentistry, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care and the best service around. Our family-owned dental office provides our patients with a level of personal care that cannot be matched at a corporate dental office. As a patient at Chesterfield Dentistry, Dr. Melba Akinwande will get to know you and your oral history by talking with you during every visit and helping you to understand procedures, treatments, and more to help you feel more comfortable in our dental chair. And our entire staff is committed to service so that you feel at home from the second you walk through the door. At Chesterfield Dentistry, you are not just a name on a chart but a member of our family!

We are focused on delivering results by providing you with the highest quality of dentistry thanks to our combined years of education and experience and constant training and furthering of our professional education. We are also dedicated to staying current by using all of the newest technology and procedures available in the dentistry industry. While some family-owned practices may not offer as many insurance and financial options, we accept a large number of insurances, financing options, and even a loyalty program. While Dr. Akinwande is certified to complete many dental procedures, if you need more specialized treatment, we may have to refer you to another specialist, but in many cases we are fully equipped to help you.

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