Composite Fillings In Chesterfield – Everything Is Going To Be All White!

tooth colored fillingsYears ago, teeth were nearly always filled with a mixture of different metals, known as silver or amalgam fillings. Today, there is a much more natural-looking and metal-free way to repair your smile instead using composite fillings at Chesterfield dental. These tooth-colored fillings are popular with many patients because they’re not only safe and predictable but they’re also extremely natural looking too

What exactly are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are dental restorations made of resin composite instead of metallic materials, such as silver or gold. Your cosmetic dentist in Chesterfield can use composite fillings to repair teeth that are damaged by decay to restore the tooth’s strength and structure without compromising your appearance. Tooth-colored fillings became popular back in the 1990’s, as concern was growing over mercury contained within amalgams. Since then, the use of composite material has rocketed, to the point where many people now find silver fillings unsightly. The benefits of tooth-colored fillings?
  • Better aesthetics – unlike amalgam, composite fillings in Chesterfield repair your tooth almost invisibly. The material shade will be carefully color matched to make sure the restoration blends seamlessly with your natural tooth. This makes them the perfect choice for front teeth.
  • Preserve tooth structure – white fillings give additional support to a tooth that has been damaged by decay because they bond to the tooth. What’s more, these fillings allow your cosmetic dentist in Chesterfield to preserve more of your natural tooth than with traditional amalgams because less structure needs to be removed during placement.
  • Thermal stressestooth-colored fillings aren’t affected by any temperature changes in your mouth thanks to their insulating properties – unlike amalgams. Silver fillings tend to expand and contract with temperature and can lead to cracks and fractures overtime.
  • Durability – For quite some time, it was thought that white fillings were less durable than silver ones. As a result, they were deemed unsuitable for back teeth that face considerable pressure from chewing and grinding forces. Nowadays, new composite materials are comparable to silver fillings and are longer lasting and more durable.
  • Versatility – Aside from filling cavities, did you know that resin composite material can even be used to repair teeth that are chipped, broken, or worn down? They can be used to reshape or enhance any slight flaws as an alternative to dental veneers.
  • Metal-free – last but not least, white fillings don’t contain any metal. Over the years many studies have been carried out to determine whether the mercury in amalgam fillings can harm your health and although not conclusive, many people just don’t want to take the risk.
If you’re interested in replacing unsightly metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings, why not come visit our experienced cosmetic dentist in Chesterfield, Dr. Akinwande? Call us today on 314 469 6429