Clear Aligners Vs Braces – Which Should You Choose?

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We’re lucky that modern technology means there is more variety within orthodontics. Whereas once the only method of teeth straightening was clunky metal braces, today’s patients have more choices available to not only suit their dental needs but also their lifestyle and budget.

Clear Aligners Vs Braces – Pros and Cons

While braces are still a great choice for many patients others are tempted by clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign which allows them to straighten their teeth in a more discreet fashion. At Chesterfield Dentistry we can work with you to decide which orthodontic treatment is best for you. Both options have their own set of benefits, so let’s take a look.

Clear aligners versus braces – commitment

Both braces and Invisalign require a certain amount of maintenance and commitment. Braces are fitted to the teeth permanently and needn’t be removed or replaced on a daily basis. While they require less discipline from the wearer in that they don’t have to be removed to eat and drink or brush their teeth, the wearer still needs to be committed to good oral hygiene with twice daily brushing and flossing. Invisalign wearers, on the other hand, are instructed to remove their aligners for eating and drinking anything other than water. They also need to brush their teeth and clean their aligner before popping it back into the mouth – all of which can be a bit of a hassle. In addition, while Invisalign wearers are allowed to remove their aligners for a special occasion, they must be sufficiently disciplined to ensure their aligners are in place for at least 22 hours a day or treatment may take longer or fail altogether. If you don’t like sticking to the rules, Invisalign may not be for you.

Clear aligners vs braces – food restrictions

Brace wearers need to steer clear of certain foods like sticky toffees, boiled sweets, and nuts for fear they may break their braces. Incidents like these can result in an unexpected trip to their orthodontist. With good food choices, this can be avoided. Invisalign is stricter in that when you eat or drink anything other than water you MUST remove your aligner and you MUST brush and floss before replacing your aligner back in your mouth. Snacking obviously becomes a problem although one advantage is that you may lose some weight!

Benefits of braces

Once braces are attached to your teeth – that’s it. Busy mums, teenagers, and children can simply get on with their lives without paying too much attention to their braces. What’s more, modern-day braces are lighter in weight and structure than the old style metal braces, less obstructive, and easier to put in and take out.

Benefits of Invisalign

One of the major benefits, especially for adults, is that clear aligners are almost invisible because they’re transparent. They’re easy to put in and take out and because there are no wires or metal poking into your mouth, they’re more comfortable too. There are pros and cons attached to any treatment designed to correct and improve your smile. Dr. Melba Akinwande is happy to help you weigh up the pros and cons to decide which treatment is best for you. If you’re considering teeth straightening, why not call Chesterfield Dentistry today at (314) 469-6429 to book a consultation.