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When do children need to visit the dentist?

Children should ideally begin visiting the dentist around the time their first tooth grows in or when they turn one year old. After that, they should visit the dentist twice per year to have their teeth cleaned and their teeth and gums assessed by a dental professional. While this may seem early, it’s important that your child visit the dentist regularly so that any potential problems can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Our office also accepts same-day emergency dental visits, and we can see your child right away should they need immediate care.

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What services does my child need?

Our office creates custom treatment plans for every patient, so your child’s treatment plan will likely contain a unique combination of services. In general, we advise parents to always bring their children in for routine cleanings and exams. Dental sealants are another excellent preventive service that can help protect their molars from tooth decay. We may also recommend that your child receive occasional fluoride treatments to keep their teeth healthy and strong. For older kids and teens, we offer braces, clear aligner therapy, and wisdom teeth removal.

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How can I help my child feel comfortable at the dentist?

Dental anxiety is common among patients of all ages, so it’s perfectly normal for kids to feel apprehensive at the dentist’s office. It’s a good idea to speak about dentistry in a positive way around your child and emphasize the importance of taking care of their smile. Our team can also have a conversation with them, and we always work at a pace that each child is comfortable with. Every treatment room has a TV with Netflix and Hulu access, so putting on a fun show during their treatment can help distract and entertain them as well.