Chesterfield Dental Cleaning – Start The Year With Better Looking Teeth

dental cleaning in chesterfieldA New Year is a great time to make a fresh start. So when it comes to your teeth, why not treat them to a dental clean. Here at Chesterfield Dentistry we provide some of the best dental cleaning in Chesterfield carried out by our highly experienced team. “That’s all well and good” I hear you say, “but what exactly is it – and more importantly, what does it entail?” Let’s take a closer look.

Professional dental cleaning is often carried out by an on-site hygienist and according to the Academy of General Dentistry(AGD), it should be done every six months. While you might think that it’s yet another appointment to slot into your already busy schedule the good news is that dental cleanings can coincide with your regular check-ups. However if you need further clarification, Dr Akinwande can advise you on best practice.

So how does the process work?

The process itself complements regular oral home hygiene (eg, brushing and flossing) and is designed to eradicate any excess build up of plaque and tarter which can’t be removed by brushing and flossing alone. The reason plaque needs to be removed is that if it’s left for any period of time, it causes damage to the tooth surface and can attack the surrounding gum. Ultimately this leads to cavities and possibly, the early stages of gum disease. Once any plaque is removed, teeth crowns and fillings are buffed and polished to give a whiter, brighter, healthier look.

Does Chesterfield Dental Cleaning hurt?

In a word no! If for example you practice good oral hygiene and attend regular 6 monthly check-ups, then typically you’ll feel no discomfort at all. If however you’ve neglected your oral hygiene or haven’t attended regular check-ups in the past, you may feel some discomfort during sessions of dental cleaning. In these cases and as a patient-centered dental practice, Dr Akinwande and the team will use a topical anesthetic before any treatment begins to ensure that any treatment given is painless. Either way, you can rest assured that you’ll feel no discomfort.

Diagnostic services

In addition, during your dental cleaning in Chesterfield, the team will go through a whole host of diagnostic tests. These ensure both continued dental and overall well being and include:

  • Oral screening and examinations for mouth cancer

  • Gum tissue evaluation

  • X-rays or examinations of teeth to check for any ongoing decay

  • Checking for regular bite alignment

  • Reviewing/updating medical history which may have an impact on a patient’s oral health.

But that’s not all… In some cases we’ll also provide educational services on how to brush and floss properly in order to maximize daily cleaning and any nutritional counseling if needed. We’ll also give any recommendations for follow up treatment if needed…. AND offer a question and answer session about any dental health concerns you may have.

I guess you could say that here at Chesterfield Dentistry, we don’t do things by half measures. So what better way to kick start the New Year than to take back control of your oral health.

If you’d like to book a dental clean, or combine it with a standard check-up then contact Dr Melba Akinwande and the team on (314) 469 6429. and take the first steps towards getting the healthier smile you really want.