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Chesterfield Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Procedure with replacement teeth and pink gums

When you break into a smile the last thing you want is for someone to remember you by the gaps in your teeth. Fortunately unsightly gaps can be closed by means of a dental bridge. As its name suggests, the appliance bridges the gap with a framework and prosthetic tooth or teeth, resulting in a great looking natural smile. Dr Akinwande and the team have considerable experience fitting state-of-the art dental bridges that are both comfortable and lifelike.

Why opt for a dental bridge?

When teeth are missing the remaining teeth can gravitate towards the gap and fall out of alignment. This can make normal everyday tasks such as eating and cleaning the teeth difficult. When teeth are out of alignment, small particles can become lodged making access with a toothbrush difficult. Because of this, patients are more prone to cavities and gum disease when they have missing teeth. Conversely a dental bridge is a semi-permanent restoration that fills the gap with a life-like prosthetic crown and as a direct result, keeps all the remaining teeth from shifting. The life expectancy of a typical dental bridge is around 10 years.

How is a bridge fitted?

Dental bridges are fitted over several stages across a number of visits. On the first visit your adjacent teeth either side of the gap are re-shaped in order that crowns can be fitted. This is so the framework which will span the gap can be attached. This is a pain-free treatment carried out chair-side under local anesthetic. In the absence of healthy or sufficient teeth, Dr Akinwande can also place a dental implant which will act as a stand-alone anchor for the bridge. Next she will take an impression of the area so that a custom-made central prosthetic and two adjacent crowns can be made. During this same visit temporary crowns will be fitted, so any reshaped teeth aren’t left exposed.

When the custom crowns and bridging tooth are ready, the patient is called back to the dental office where the temporary crowns are removed and the permanent ones cemented into position, together with the prosthetic ‘bridging’ tooth.

What about side effects?

As with any procedure involving gums there may be a slim chance of infection or inflammation however this is extremely rare. Dr Akinwande and the team will check to ensure that the patient has no allergies to any materials being used and of course, we ensure that the procedure is carried out in a sterile and safe environment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental bridges, or you have an unsightly missing gap you’d like treated, then come and talk to the friendly team at Chesterfield Dentistry. To book an appointment contact us on (314) 469 6429 today.

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