5 Things To Expect At Your First Dental Appointment

find dentist near meWe love extending our family here at our Chesterfield dental practice. If you’ve chosen to join us, you’re guaranteed to receive a very warm and friendly welcome. However, we understand that many patients experience a degree of anxiety when it comes to visiting their Chesterfield dentist, especially if it’s for the first time. So we thought we’d help alleviate any fears you might have by letting you know what five things you can expect to happen at your first dental appointment with us:
  1. Our receptionist will take your details –When you enter our Chesterfield dental practice, you’ll be greeted by our receptionist who will register you as a new patient. You’ll then be asked to complete a short questionnaire to provide us with key details like your contact number and email address and also about your oral health and recent medical history.
  2. Your Chesterfield dentist will then access your oral health – At your first dental appointment with your new dentist, Dr Akinwande will take a look inside your mouth to evaluate your oral health. Don’t worry, this is an easy, pain-free procedure that won’t take any longer that five minutes. You’ll be asked whether you’re experiencing any problems or if you have any oral concerns – we’ll do our best to answer all your questions.
  3. We’ll count your teeth and fillings – During this first dental appointment, we’ll also count your teeth, as well as any restorations that you might have and make a record of your gum health. While we’re doing this, you’ll hear Dr Akinwande calling out some numbers and speaking fluent dental lingo – all of which the dental assistant will be making a note of. This will become part of your dental records that we can refer back to during each of your visits in the future.
  4. We might take x-rays – As your new Chesterfield dentist, we might need to take a few x-rays of your teeth to check for any dental problems that can’t easily be seen on the surface. We use x-rays to monitor issues such as gum disease, infections and cavities – making them an essential part of your dental care. These x-rays won’t hurt and take just a few minutes or less to complete. Note to our female patients: please make sure you let us know if there’s any chance you might be pregnant first.
  5. We’ll schedule your follow-up appointment – Once the initial exam is complete, our receptionist will get you booked in for any follow-up visits that are needed, such as a dental filling, cleaning, or even your next check-up appointment. It’s important that you continue to visit our Chesterfield dental practice regularly, so we can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, or any other serious issues. Catching problems early can make all the difference!
Hopefully, you can see that your first dental appointment is absolutely nothing to worry about and won’t take up too much of your time. We’re sure you’ll find our team here at your new Chesterfield dental practice to be warm and friendly, making you feel right at home. If you’ve got any further questions about your first visit, don’t hesitate to call us on (314) 207-0364. We’re looking forward to meeting you!