3 Reasons Why Getting a Root Canal Isn’t As Scary As You Might Think!

root canal dentist near meFor many people, the thought of root canal therapy is terrifying. While this treatment has gained a particularly bad reputation, in reality, it’s really not as dreadful as you might think. In fact, a root canal procedure should actually be viewed positively because it means we get the chance to relieve your pain and save your tooth. Often, the only other alternative is an extraction and given the choice, we know which treatment we’d prefer! We understand that if you’re due to undergo root canal treatment at Chesterfield Dental for the very first time, you may be feeling a little nervous and that’s normal. But don’t worry! Here are 3 great reasons why having a root canal treatment isn’t as bad as the rumors you’ve heard…

Reason # 1 – You’ll be numb

The number one factor that keeps most people away from the dental office is the fear of pain. When it comes to all the horror stories about how uncomfortable root canal therapy is, there’s no wonder that many patients avoid this treatment at all costs. But with modern dentistry, there’s no reason to be afraid. During your root canal treatment at Chesterfield, we make sure that every patient has a pain-free and relaxing experience – all thanks to the use of local anesthesia. But if you feel even the slightest twinge during the procedure, just let us know and we can easily add some more anesthetic to the area!

Reason # 2 – It’s similar to a filling

Despite what you’ve heard, having a root canal procedure isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think! Let’s break the stages down. Once you’re numb, we’ll drill a small hole into the tooth in question. Next, the tooth’s pulp (which is where the nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels are contained) is removed through that hole. Lastly, we’ll seal the canal and fill the tooth so it will remain healthy and painless in the future. There you have it – it’s really just like having a deep filling performed!

Reason # 3 – You avoid an extraction

When a tooth is infected or severely damaged, your possible treatment options are reduced to a root canal or an extraction. At Chesterfield Dentistry, we always do our best to conserve natural teeth where possible – which means we really hate extracting teeth, unless it’s absolutely necessary! What’s more, losing a tooth means you’ll need to restore it to stop the surrounding teeth shifting into the gap and creating other dental problems. But with a root canal treatment at Chesterfield, you get the chance save your natural tooth and you can continue to eat normally and smile confidently without the additional cost of tooth replacement options! If you’re experiencing any tooth pain or are worried you might need root canal therapy, come and visit our friendly team here at Chesterfield Dental. We’ll thoroughly check your mouth and do our best to find your source of discomfort to help you get back on the road to a healthy smile! Whether it’s a check-up or a root canal treatment, Chesterfield Dentistry has got your smile covered. Book your appointment on (314) 469 6429.