Dental Implants Success Rate – 5 Key Factors To Know

Are you considering dental implants? If, so, then you’re probably aware that dental implants boast an extremely high success rate of 95%. You’ve probably also read on more than one occasion that dental implants can last a lifetime. That doesn’t really give any clue to their longevity since one person’s lifetime could be considerably longer … Continued

Deep Cleaning vs. a Regular Cleaning

You should be familiar with what happens at a routine dental visit at this point, but sometimes the teeth may need a little extra attention. Check out our blog post where we go over the basics of a regular cleaning and how it compares to a deep cleaning.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last And Why Do They Fail?

Dental implants have fast become the go-to treatment for replacing missing teeth. Not only do they create a natural-looking smile but they restore confidence and have almost the same degree of biting force as natural teeth. You’ve probably read that implants can last a lifetime but how long do they last in reality and why … Continued