What Are My Options to Replace Missing Teeth?

There’s no need to be embarrassed any longer by a gap left by missing teeth! Read our blog post to learn about 3 tooth replacement options at our expert dental practice: bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

Clear Aligners Vs Braces – Which Should You Choose?

We’re lucky that modern technology means there is more variety within orthodontics. Whereas once the only method of teeth straightening was clunky metal braces, today’s patients have more choices available to not only suit their dental needs but also their lifestyle and budget. Clear Aligners Vs Braces – Pros and Cons While braces are still … Continued

How to Choose The Right Shade For Your Dental Crown

If your crown doesn’t match other teeth in terms of its color, then your newly restored smile isn’t going to live up to your expectations. Rather than a natural looking smile, all people will notice is a crown that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Dental crowns pay an important role in dentistry whether … Continued