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Tooth Extraction

If there’s one procedure that most patients are apprehensive about that’s tooth extraction. However as with most treatments thinking about what might happen is always far worse than the treatment itself. Although Dr Akinwande and the team make every effort to try and preserve natural teeth, extraction is sometimes necessary for badly decayed, painful, damaged, or otherwise problematic teeth. In the vast majority of cases tooth extractions are carried out in the dental office and again, in the vast majority of cases, advancements in modern dentistry ensures that any teeth extractions are safe, quick and almost always painless!

But what can patients expect?

The first and only thing patients will usually feel is a slight pin prick as the area is numbed. This is achieved with a powerful local anesthetic. Before Dr Akinwande starts she’ll ask you if you feel any sensation in the area. If you do then more anesthetic will be administered. Once the area is numb, the process will begin.

Next using small forceps she will apply gentle but continued pressure to rock the tooth backwards and forwards. This enlarges the socket area so that there is sufficient space for the tooth to be removed. At this stage the patient will feel slight pressure but no pain. The whole removal process should be over in a matter of minutes. Yes it really is that quick!

Once the tooth is removed there will be some blood in the cavity area. For this reason the patient will be asked to bite down on a piece of gauze. This should be done for between 20-30 minutes. This is important because firstly it stops any bacteria from entering the site; and secondly it helps to form a blood clot to stem any bleeding. Once the anesthetic has worn off patients may experience a dull ache but this is normally brought under control using over-the-counter medications. Any pain should only last a few hours. That said if any pain or excessive bleeding continue beyond this point then call us immediately.

What about after-care?

Generally speaking patients should avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours and avoid brushing the area for around 72 hours. Patients may also be given a course of antibiotics to fight any infection so it’s vital that they complete the course. Finally patients may be told to avoid smoking or drinking through a straw, at least until the site heals.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about the tooth extraction process then don’t hesitate to contact Dr Akinwande. She will answer all your questions and concerns and will talk you through the process. For an appointment call Chesterfield Dentistry on (314) 469 6429

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