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5 Sure Fire Signs You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

If there’s one thing we know for certain at Chesterfield, it’s that no one likes to hear they need root canal therapy. With a lot of stigma being attached to this procedure, it’s got a bad reputation over the years. Root canal therapy is a procedure to remove an inflamed or infected pulp. The inside…

Will Dental Implants Last and Are They Worth the Cost?

If you’ve recently lost a tooth and are looking to improve your smile, or are frustrated by your dentures, then we may have suggested dental implants at Chesterfield as one of your options for tooth replacement during your last visit. However, there’s no doubt that a dental implant is the most expensive way to replace…

Do Surgical Tooth Extractions Really Hurt?

As a patient, hearing the words ‘tooth extractions’ can be frightening, without even hearing the word ‘surgical.’ We often find that this is the main treatment that our patients are the most worried about. At Chesterfield Dentistry we always do our best to save a tooth, but sometimes when there is just too much damage…